Skills Assessment - Nurse

  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Taking VS
    Orthostatic Blood Pressure
    4 Extremity Blood Pressure
    Temporal Temperature
    Head Circumference
    Length of child greater than 3 yr
    Length of an infant less than 12 mo
    Pre (right hand) and Post (left foot) ductal Pule Oximetry
    Pulse Oximetry
    O2 administration
    Breathing treatment with nebulizer
    Breathing treatment with O2
    Asking and scoring ASQ (2 mo - 5 yr) & MCHAT (18 mo and 2 yr)
    Performing SPOT vision screen (6 mo and up)
    Performing hearing screen (3 yr and up)
    Scoring an Asthma Control test (ACT) questionaire
    Ear irrigation
    Wound irrigation
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Wart cryotherapy
    Suture placement
    Staple placement
    Fluoroscein slit lamp
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Administer IM vaccinations
    Administer SQ vaccinations
    Shot blocker use
    Draw up vaccinations
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Capillary draw finger stick
    Capillary blood draw heal stick
    Venous blood draw
    IV placement
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Transcutaneous Bilirubin (TCB)
    When to put on a heel warmer
    How to put on a heel warmer
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Cath Urine sample FEMALE
    Cath Urine sample MALE
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Pierce ears
    Pierce ear model
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Forearm Single Sugartong
    Forearm Double Sugartong
    Ulnar Gutter
    Forearm posterior
    Lower leg posterior
    Sling and Sloth
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Rapid Strep
    Rapid Influenza
    Rapid RSV
    Urine Analysis
    Mono Spot
    Guiac (Hemoccult)
    COVID Nasopharyngeal
  • ProficientNot Proficient
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Auto Clave
    Daily Maintenance
    Weekly Maintenance
    Monthly Maintenance
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    How to get to QC Logs
    Lead QC
    TCB QC
    Lipid QC
    Strep Q
    Mono QC
    Hemoccult QC
    Flu QC
    Urine QC
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Location of supplies
    Monthly expiration check
    AED monthly function check
    Oxygen tank
  • ProficientNot Proficient
    Entry of a Chief Complaint
    Entry of ASQ & MCHAT
    Result POC testing
    Entry of Vital Signs
    How to fax over a Rx by eRx
    How to enter old vaccinations
    How to enter new vaccinations
    How to print document of vaccine records
    How to print document of lactation/state screen Rx
    How to report a lead level to the state of Texas
    How to print out growth charts and record last two parameters
    Medication reconciliation
    Entering PHQ results
    Entering EPDS results