• COVID Antigen Test

  • Sensitivity: 96.7%

  • Nasal Swab

  • Determines CURRENT Infection

  • Billed To Insurance or $99 Self Pay

  • Results: 15 Minutes

  • COVID and FLU Antigen Test

  • Sensitivity: 95.2%

  • Nasal Swab

  • Determines CURRENT Infection

  • Billed To Insurance or $119 Self Pay

  • Results: 15 Minutes

  • Molecular COVID PCR Test

  • Sensitivity: 100%

  • Nasal Swab

  • Determines CURRENT Infection

  • $149 Self Pay ONLY

  • Results: 90 Minutes

  • COVID Antibody Test

  • Finger Stick Blood Draw

  • Determines PAST Infection

  • Determines Antibodies from Vaccine
  • Billed To Insurance or $99 Self Pay

  • Results: 15 Minutes

Questions? Message us at 972-382-5796.


Q: Can the PCR test be submitted to insurance?
A: No. The PCR test is self pay only. Even though your insurance company may cover the test, we are unable to submit to your insurance. However, YOU may submit the test to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Q: Will my insurance cover some or all of the test?
A: Even though we accept your insurance, it’s NOT a guarantee that they will pay for any of the test. Each insurance company is different and each insurance policy is different. Please contact your insurance company.

Q: Can I complete one form and schedule one appointment for my entire family?
A: No. Each patient must complete a questionnaire and schedule an appointment.

Q: Can I book my appointment over the phone? 
A: No. All appointments must be scheduled online.

Q: Do you have a cheek swab test? 
A: No.

Q: Can I come in whenever I want after I complete the questionnaire?
A: No. You must be tested at your appointment time.

Q: The scheduler isn’t accepting my credit card. Can I give it to you over the phone?
A: No. Credit card information must be entered online when scheduling your appointment. Please verify card information or try a different card.

Q: I never received an email or text appointment confirmation.
A: If you need to confirm, please text us at 972-382-5796.

Q: Why do I have to enter my credit card information?
A: The temporary hold on your credit card is to pay for anything not covered by your insurance. This hold will remain on your card for 7 days. We do not participate in the CARES Act or offer any free testing.

Q: Why did I lose my appointment time?
A: As you complete the questionnaire, the scheduler will only hold your selected appointment time for 10 minutes.

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