• COVID Antigen Test

  • Sensitivity: 98%

  • Nasal Swab

  • Determines CURRENT Infection

  • Billed To Insurance or $99 Self Pay

  • Results: 25 Minutes by Email & Text

  • Molecular COVID PCR Test

  • Sensitivity: 100%

  • Nasal Swab

  • Determines CURRENT Infection

  • $139 Self Pay ONLY

  • Results: 45 Minutes by Email & Text

Questions? Message us at 972-382-5796.


Q: Will my insurance cover some or all of the test?
A: Even though we accept your insurance, it’s NOT a guarantee that they will pay for any of the test. Each insurance company is different and each insurance policy is different. Please contact your insurance company.

Q: Can I complete one form and schedule one appointment for my entire family?
A: No. Each patient must complete a questionnaire and schedule an appointment.

Q: Can I book my appointment over the phone? 
A: No. All appointments must be scheduled online.

Q: Do you have a cheek swab test? 
A: No.

Q: Can I come in whenever I want after I complete the questionnaire?
A: No. You must be tested at your appointment time.

Q: The scheduler isn’t accepting my credit card. Can I give it to you over the phone?
A: No. Credit card information must be entered online when scheduling your appointment. Please verify card information or try a different card.

Q: I never received an email or text appointment confirmation.
A: If you need to confirm, please text us at 972-382-5796.

Q: Why did I lose my appointment time?
A: As you complete the questionnaire, the scheduler will only hold your selected appointment time for 10 minutes.

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