As you are likely aware, cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are being reported worldwide, including in the United States. While much information about the disease is unknown, we want to share with your family what we do know.

Our top priority is keeping our patients, families, visitors and team members safe. We are closely monitoring updates and alerts from the local health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition, we are working with local county and state health departments. Our protocols and processes are updated to add new information as it is available.

We may ask you to wait in your car.
We only have so many exam rooms, especially when we are reserving rooms for children with special care needs. You may be asked to return to your car to wait until an exam room is available. Don’t worry, we will call or text when we are ready to bring you in the office. We apologize for the extra walk back to the parking lot, but a few extra steps are good for everyone.

Our cleaning procedures are heightened.
We have stocked up on EPA-approved cleaning agents and increasing the cleaning protocols. Both sick and well areas will be cleaned multiple times per day, in addition to the routine cleaning we have always provided.

No one will come to work sick.
We are preparing for a larger number of staff being gone at once. This may result in appointment cancellations with painfully short-notice. We ask you that you listen to messages carefully and be prepared for last-minute changes. We promise that as this situation settles, everyone will get the visit times they need to stay on track should cancellations occur.

Our phone lines are busy.
Be patient. Be kind. Our nurses are working as fast as they are able, and under the stress of knowing that things may rapidly change. We are communicating to our staff regularly and their primary job is to deliver pro-active and helpful messages directly from us to you. In turn, we ask that you respect their advice. Those who are verbally abusive, belligerent, or offer false information will be subject to dismissal from our practice. But, we know none of you would ever be like that.

Well care will continue in exclusively well spaces.
We are creating distinct well care areas with separate entrance/exit paths. To the best of our ability, we want every family to know that coming to see us for routine care and needed vaccinations is still part of the plan. Now, more than ever, we want to address any questions and make sure you are comfortable with the health and wellness of your child.

Care of sick children will continue in dedicated areas.
We are available to care for the common childhood issues that will continue to exist over the next few weeks. The entrance/exit paths may be not what you are used to, but this will allow our clinicians to limit the risk of exposure. After completing the screening process, our staff will move you to a dedicated exam room.

Lastly, please keep in mind, most children who get COVID-19 only have mild illness.

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